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About Röist

"We endeavour to focus all our efforts on doing the right things, and doing them well."

Röist SoftLab is a social games and application services company, focused on creating and developing online platforms, targeted at an extensive international client base.
In late 2013, we have gathered a team of devoted professionals, specialised in different fields, willing to accept new challenges and engage in company’s pioneering project.

Since its beginning, we are dedicated to investing in knowledgeable, talented and capable young achievers, who have successfully developed themselves throughout this project. We encourage every member of the team to set a clear goal and challenge their independent thinking, in order to attain collective excellence.The breath and depth of our technical, managerial and creative knowledge, relevant to gaming and IT industries is outstanding.

By conducting a thorough research of the market, we have managed to architect the project in a consumer-oriented way, emphasising user experience and performance as application’s key features. We endeavour to focus all our efforts on doing the right things, and doing them well. We have come a long way to seize the opportunity in the market and to complete this project that is currently in the testing phase, due to be launched in March 2015.

Our core values are passion and integrity. We believe that everyone deserves an equal chance and fair opportunity to facilitate success.

Vladimir studied economics at the University of Belgrade, Faculty for Economics and Management. He began his professional career in finance, as auditor, where he attained great knowledge in company's system internal controls including determining validity and reliability of information.

Besides his financial expertise,Vladimir has experience in leading and coordinating a large team of people which helped him further develop his human resource and management skills.

Working in the games industry has been the realisation of his childhood dream.

Vladimir Cvetkovic
Managing Partner

Marija studied International Business at Regent’s University London, in United Kingdom. Her versatile educational background, outstanding knowledge of foreign languages and multicultural working experience broadened her perspective on the global market.

After completing her studies, Marija started her career in marketing firm, where she gained significant knowledge in market research, consumer behaviour and user-friendliness of the product, in various projects within IT industry.

Marija participated in founding of Roist SoftLab Ltd, providing partners of the company with counselling on various project planning and marketing activities.

Marija Jovicevic
Marketing and Communications

Petar studied Computer Science at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Applied Mathematics. As one of the best students in his class, Petar distinguished himself as a young talented achiever and started learning diverse programming languages at very early age.

Later on in his career, Petar developed his computer engineering skills even further by specializing in various programming languages, data structures, computer logic and flowcharting, database vendor and complier versions.

In 2013 Petar co-founded RÖIST SoftLab, where he works ever since.

Petar Maletic
Partner / Lead Software Engineer


"It is not about the game you play, it's about strategy."

The first year of our existence we have devoted to developing our initial project – a social online game.

Before we begun, we have congregated a team of thriving specialists, who have invested their knowledge in generating an outstanding product within significantly short timeframe.

Our team’s high efficiency is a forthright reflection of company’s exceptional organisation and effective motivational tools, which incorporate employees into company’s distribution scheme, awarding them for their hard work and affluent performance.
Winning Strike, the pioneering project of Roist SoftLab is soon to be launched on three main social platforms: Facebook, Google Play and Apple store, including Word Wide Web. Although not yet in the market, this online game is already adored by fans around the world waiting for its release date.

With the right strategy, devotion and passion, we are confident that this project will be one among many realizations of the Röist team. We believe that our resourcefulness, determination and eagerness for innovation will allow us to successfully diffuse into this competitive market and attain well-deserved position among the best in the industry.


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