“Business as it should be”

Crafting a custom made professional web site is a process, and we believe it should be focused and result oriented. We will provide a dedicated project manager responsible for all the phases in the process of crafting your web presentation.

Our design process includes:

  • Research & Discovery
    Understanding clients needs is a critical point in every project. We think in advance enabling you to have a clear path for all the future requirements that you might need.
  • UX / UI Design
    In the beginning we will prepare a wireframe of your project, which will enable you to see the direction and feel of our design. At this stage, revisions are done until the client approves it. The final result of this stage is a well designed layout which will allow you for the first time to see your project as it should be seen by many after the development stage ends.
  • Development
    Now it’s time for the production. This is a stage where the website itself is actually created. We believe that our team of dedicated developers will produce the peace of art using the best available technology at the moment.
  • Testing
    Some of our staff will tell you that development starts during the testing phase. This is a critical point where user experience and proper functionality of all elements of the web presentation are being checked.
  • Launching
    Your custom made project is ready to be seen by millions. Good Luck!

The package that we have created for you includes all your Business Pro web site needs with the discount of 30%.

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